Peters Visit

Peter, the bird watcher who I first spoke to and who allowed me into his life as a bird watcher and photograph him and his team for my project, knew about my exhibition after I sent him an email a few days before inviting him to opening night but also letting him know I would be working a an invigilator at the gallery all day Sunday.
To my surprise Peter and his wife Lesley strolled into the gallery Sunday Lunch time eager to take a look at my project. It was touching to see him stood next to what he had been such a big part of. I never went into much detail about the title of my project or how it was to be presented, I didn’t really want them to know, just in case it changed the way they acted or it influenced their normal routines. They both seemed surprised but impressed at my photo book, and although Peter wasn’t a man of many words, I’d like to think he was proud of what I’d created. It definitely gave me a boost of confidence and a sense of pride seeing him walk into the exhibition.



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