Opening Night

The build up to the Opening Night had felt like forever, yet came around so fast. It was a great success and was so lovely being all together as IMG19, I felt proud of us all as a group and as individuals for the hard work and cooperation we had all put into this exhibition. It was great to have feedback from the public and a highlight for me was when somebody came searching for me after viewing my work and taking an interest. I stood talking about my project with my head held high and it was a fantastic feeling having people stood there enjoying, listening and asking questions about my project.
I felt the exhibition was much more professional than our PicBod Gallery last year, we had clearly all grown up since and I felt the work wed created was stronger. I even asked some of our guests who had been to both exhibitions if they noticed any differences and all believed you could tell we’ve had time to learn and develop from our last Gallery/display
I was certainly more confident with my work and speaking about it to the public, it was a wonderful feeling and definitely emphasized a professional feel towards myself.
The skills we used and expanded our knowledge on as a team were technical, creative and professional. I will be sure to keep this experience with me and use the skills I learnt within my future career.

My final layout for the Degree Show Exhibition
Degree Show

Opening Night



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