The Preparation Of My Exhibition Piece

Once at the gallery and able to see the amount of room I was allocated first hand, I was ale to decide the lauout to my pieces porperly. After much thought I decided to place three in a row, I felt the three I chose in the order I put them in worked as an ‘open book’ sequence, the middle being a landscape from the hide and the two outer photographs included bird watchers looking into the direction of the middle frame. There was a big decision to be made with my final binocular image as it differed from the rest and due to having my plinth with photo book and MP3. I didn’t want it to feel too crowded. Due to the space I put it below my last print on th right in order to have space to the middle/left for my plinth.

However, a day went by and I knew I wasn’t completely hay with my layout. I was about to loose my binocular frame until I was allocated added space. I was happy to keep my binocular image and use it as a ‘full stop’ within my sequence. Although different to the rest, my reason for keeping the image was because it massively related to my project and what my project is all about. I enjoy the colours, tone and the bold statement which the frame makes, although daring enouh to use it, it also felt right. When speaking to others it seemed it was a love or hate photograph, which meant either way I may not have got it right when choosing to use it, I went with my choice in using it because I believed it finished off my piece and gave the project some distinctiveness. I places my photo book ad headphons to the left of my frames where I had left space, enabling the viewer to look onto the frames whilst holding or by the book. My sound was suttle birds, and my only reason for this was in order for the viewer to feel somewhat at one with my project (or even better, nature) adding a second sense to their experience with my work.

Hide Outs


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