Degree Show


I have been part of the Marketing Team and the Opening Night Team.
As part of the Marketing Team, I helped with the Teaser Videos, where we would make them a week in advance using student’s background/behind the scenes photos. We would post a video or two a week, and then each would share them onto social networking sites for advertisement and promotion. I handed out flyers on the street to help promote our exhibition.
I also made sure to Instagram, Tweet and Facebook our exhibition to help promote it.
My main roles within the Opening Night Team were to sort out all drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. To buy the alcohol I chose to shop at Booker Wholesale because it seemed it would be the cheapest and best option. I drove myself and Alice to Booker two weeks before we would buy the drink in order to get pricing and an idea of what we’d be able to buy from there. Having a group meeting each week helped greatly as it meant we could join together and finalise ideas on prices and other opening night information. It was difficult deciding on what alcohol we should have and how much, but in the end I felt we made the right decisions and everyone felt catered for. I also drove me and Rachel to sort out glasses for the night, we ended up using Sainsbury’s as again this was the cheapest option, and after ordering them we were able to collect them the day before the opening night. I also helped with the playlist, which unfortunately could not be used due to copywrite issues. Another small but important role I played was to ensure forgetful things like table cloths, bottle openers and bowls for money/badges were bought.
The upcoming days to the opening of the exhibition I would turn up each day in order to help paint, help hang and mount work, clean and help make sure we had everything ready for Friday.
Being organised has been key as working as a large group has been tough at times but from this I felt my confidence has grown, I learnt to voice my opinion and ideas.


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