Brandon Marsh

Brandon Marsh is where I have been spending my time producing my final project on the Bird Watchers.

Brandon Marsh Nature Centre is the headquarters of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Set in 220 acres, the Reserve, consists of large pools created by gravel extraction.’ The website for Brandon Marsh is which holds information about the reserve and what you can do there. However, they are so committed to the reserve having such a large group of bird watchers that they have a separate site which allows watchers to record their sightings. The information about their conservation team, which are the people I have been working with and photographing is also found on this website:
The Brandon Marsh Conservation Group was formed in 1968 and management began in areas within the flood plain away from the quarry workings.
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust took over the management of the reserve in 1980, giving it a long-term future, especially when short-term licenses were replaced by a 99-year lease. When the BMCG became the Trust’s Brandon Marsh Voluntary Conservation Team in 1984 the development of the reserve accelerated with the building of the first two hides overlooking East Marsh and Teal Pools and the creation of a scrape on the East Marsh.
50 years of Brandon Marsh by A.Wincott & T.Jury
Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve its Beginnings by A.Richards
Working Party
The team meets every Thursday at the reserve around 9.15am.
If you would like to join the team and help in one of our conservation activities then please contact Ken Bond for more information.’
The website also holds a photo gallery in which they are able to upload captures of their sightings, each gaining credit for their images.

They are such a welcoming group, they all support one another and before my research and working with them, I never realised there were close dedicated societies such as these. It’s wonderful to see them all doing what they love each week and at the same time truly helping keep the environment wildlife friendly.
Below I have added two images of The Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve 2013 Annual Report, which Peter bought for me as a souvenir. It holds all their sightings from that year and include photographs which many of the volunteers and birders have produced.



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