Interview with Daniel Bomberg


For my third interview I chose to ask Daniel questions about his career. He is the Managing Director of MyPremier which is an IT Hardware Dealer. The reason for me wanting to interview him was because I thought I’d be able to benefit from speaking to someone owning their own business, however in a completely different career than I’d want to be in.
Like my other interviews, promotion always comes down to networking and profiles online such as LinkedIn. I now realise how important this is to become known, whether or not I agree that it’s a positive to promote yourself so much online doesn’t matter because reality is, this is becoming how most of society help run their careers, and lives. Emailing is key, and I’ve also learnt that from these interviews myself. People are willing to reply to you if they’re interested in your work, your passion or your interest in them themselves.
Something I’ve taken into account from Daniels answers is to set myself goals, too often I try to juggle more than enough things and then end up confused and lost in where I’m at or what to do next. Setting direct goals could benefit my career and keep my organisation to a high standard. It’s nice to hear such a successful man say ‘You won’t always get it right but you can learn from mistakes.’ It proves no matter who we are, we’re not perfect. We shouldn’t give up just because we don’t get it right the first time.
I remember meeting with Daniel once, he also attended Coventry University back in 1995. He was asking me about where I thought I’d be heading once finishing my degree. I couldn’t answer the question properly at that time, as I was still unsure yet knew I wanted to travel. He told me to go for it, too many people want to do things and whilst I’m young it’s the best opportunity for me to get out there and see the world before I fully settle down into a secure paid job.

What is your profession?
Managing Director at myPremier (IT Hardware Dealer)

What was it that made you choose the career you are in?
I always wanted to run a business that involved buying and selling and my father also ran a business in a similar market so it was a logical step as I understood the requirements and challenges.

Have you ever needed to promote yourself or your company and if so what do you
find is the best way? e.g. networking
Promotion of the business and it’s skills is primarily done by networking within specific markets, email marketing and social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

What do you think are the most important factors to running a business?
Be focused on what is required, set realistic goals and trust your instincts. You won’t always get it right but you can learn from mistakes!

What advice could you give me, as someone starting my career?
Identify clearly what you want you achieve, write a business plan and work work work!

—–Original Message—–
From: Daniel Bomberg

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