Opening Night Team Meeting – 13/05/14

Today myself and the rest of the opening night team met again to discuss new arrangements and plans.
Since last week some things have changed, such as:

The Bar – Now we will not be having a rota for who looks after the bar, instead first and second year students will be helping us by going around the gallery with drinks on trays acting as waiters/waitresses. They will be having tops with our logo IMG19 on them, and these tops are also going to be given to us to wear for when we have shifts whilst the gallery is open to the public.
The decoration was something we were unsure on, whether or not to have things like confetti or flowers. It seems most people want the exhibition to have a simple, classy feel, therefore the decision is not to have any decorations, and instead we will keep it clean looking with white table cloths. I will be donating a table cloth from home to save money.

I still need to take a trip to Bookers, I tried to discover how much alcohol and other bits such as cups, napkins, bin bags etc would cost. However, as we are using Kates card, with her family being members, I could not access their website without an account name or password. So tomorrow I will drive us to Bookers using the card and hopefully be able to tally up an estimated amount that all of these things will cost us. One thing we have also thought about is hiring glasses, rather than buying plastic ones. This would create a more sophisticated feel, however we need to work out the difference in price, as we also need to consider how much each glass is worth if broken.

A new idea of a guest book was bought to the table. I really like this idea as it adds a personal touch to the exhibition. I think it would be situated on our ‘gift shop’ table, along with peoples business cards.

Another issue was whether or not our lectures were going to make awards, like they did at our last years PicBod exhibition. However we decided that this time we wouldn’t want awards being held, yet we’d be happy for our lectures to possibly make a speech on the night.
Some of us also tried to take a look in the Lanchester Gallery, as we begun to wonder about toilet facilities and where we would store our drinks and rubbish. Although closed, we managed to notice that by the gallery is a lift up to some toilets, and also we have area in a separate room for storage.



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