Opening Night Team Meeting 07/05/14

As part of the Opening Night team, our job is to sort out everything that will be needed and organised for Friday 30th May when the Degree Show first opens.
Myself, Chris, Alice, Lauren, Tania and Rachel are all part of this team and we met yesterday to begin discussing our plans.
I decided to join this team because I felt I am stronger in managing with the organisation of events, rather than say something like financing. I thought it would be more beneficial for myself to be on this team because I need to keep to time management (something I have struggled with in the past) however recently I have a lot going on, therefore it’s only motivating me more to be planning and organizing such an important night, which also means a lot to me. I feel that because family and friends of myself and my fellow students will be there, we want the night to run smoothly, so having control over such things is nice.
Within the meeting we mainly discussed…
1. How we would work a bar. We want to serve alcohol, so firstly we chose a selection of beer, wine and juice, however after much debate and wanting our exhibition to feel as professional as possible and not so much like our last years PicBod exhibition where we served a lot of different alcoholic beverages, we decided on rose wine, white wine, champagne and orange juice for those not wanting alcohol. Me, Lauren and Alice will be visiting Booker Wholesale to see how much are drink would add up to, and thankfully after speaking to my lectures, we will be able to store it somewhere the night before the Opening Night. We preferably want our bar on a simple table covered with a cloth and some decorations just as you turn left by the front door. Also we’d like to hand out champagne in flutes (which will be plastic) upon arrival.
Yet to come is a rota where we will each work on the bar throughout the night ensuring it is kept clean and stocked. We also thought about glass collectors to keep the exhibition looking clean and tidy.
2. We spoke about a Gift Shop. So far we know we would like people to place their photography business cards, CV’s or any other promotion of themselves onto a table to the right of the entrance. Not too much else was said about this section, something that will need to be bought up within our next meeting next week.
3. We know we would like some background music within the opening night. Just something faint and peaceful that isn’t too over powering. We have made a Google Doc which includes a playlist in which we are all able to add any suggestions of artists of songs which we think appropriate. So far I know Arctic Monkeys and Kings Of Leon are quite a popular suggestion, however again this is something which we have left for suggestion until we can come together next week and decide on the final playlist.
4. Lastly we spoke about the small and sometimes forgetful elements like how we need bins, bin bags, cups etc. This again will be looked into by researching the best deal for these things. We’re hoping we can use the side room to store our alcohol and rubbish on the night so it’s out of the way of our guests.
Below is some images from our meeting and some of the notes we created.

img19 1


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