Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn is a fine art documentary photographer, he mainly produces his photographs in Middle America and will take frequent road trips, sleeping in his car and exploring the Midwest.
For his project ‘hide’ he found inspiration from the idea that the deer hunting bought families closer and in some cases was a way of making sure all the family was fed a decent meal. It was interesting to read that when Vaughn spoke to hunters they would emphasize that this past time is not violent but instead is about being at one with nature and also seen as family time.
The photographs consist of hand made deer stands which are used for spotting and shooting the deer, some of the hunters would speak about their sons being able to inherit the land and how building the stands would be passed down through generations.
When looking through this project, I get feelings of protection, for some reason I imagine these hunters to be protective of their families and see this past time as maybe a duty towards their family. The pride certainly shows, the idea that these hides have been built by the hunters bring this out within his images. I enjoy that the hides are always central within the frame and although this makes them the main focus, it still enables us to enjoy the surrounding areas where he is able to capture the seasons well. Each photograph shares its own uniqueness, which I find fascinating because the thought of such an object to be appealing to the eye is limited.
Jason Vaughn Hide

Jason Vaughn Hide2

Jason Vaughn Hide3


His other two projects which appear on his website are named ‘completely your own’ and ‘hibernation’ however I can’t seem to find much information to go with these photographs, both consist of mainly outdoor landscapes all quite empty and isolated. I can’t particularly comment on what these images want to portray, many of them feel somewhat depressive, perhaps not the ‘pleasant’ landscapes that we’re so used to seeing. I’d be interested to find out more about these two projects as I feel they relate to my love for documentary photography and showing reality rather than the falseness which I feel some photography can represent.

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