Michael Nick Nichols

Michael Nick Nichols is a photographer for the National Geographic, who has photographed 26 stories for them so far. “I found the vehicle in photography, I found the cause in the environment and I found the patron in National Geographic.” He says his photographs is all about passion and finding a powerful way to document.

‘I didn’t choose to be a wildlife photographer. I wanted to be an artist, and became a photojournalist, telling stories that needed to be told. When I did a story about gorillas, I realized I had a special ability to work in environments others found difficult, and I could communicate for nature using photography… Just like a war photographer’s strength is in social issues, I wanted my strength to be about nature and the environment.’

He strives from the idea that a National Geographic story reaches out to people showing the reality that surrounds us, and in effect can make a change for the better. One (of many) stories which Nichols covered was Central Africa, where he photographed the remote heart of Ndoki Forest. From this project it lead to its protection and creation of thirteen national parks protecting the forest that had been embarked for logging.

All of his projects, I find, are extremely inspirational and brave. He aims to make awareness of the ever growing natural disasters which so many of us are totally unaware of. All of his work is educational and shows the harsh reality which surrounds us.
Nichols learns about the places, people and cultures he photographs which enables him to express more within his work.




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