‘The holiday you never had’

‘The truth is that we no longer wake up and smell the coffee. Instead, we spot the coffee shop, buy a double-shot latte, snap it on our smartphone, put the best Instagram filter on it, hashtag it #coffee, post it via Facebook and Twitter and anxiously wait for people to “like” it. By which time, the coffee’s probably gone cold.’

This article written for The Telegraph by Glenda Cooper speaks about the increase in social networking and how we have developed an obsession to photograph everything we see.
She relives her own events/experiences and uses her daughters ballet show as an example explaining how she felt ‘appalled’ that she could barely push her smartphone through the gaps due to the amount of iPads being waved at the stage.
Regarding this idea of having to fight to gain the best photograph of say this ballet show, the viewers are actually missing out on watching their children through their own eyes rather than through a camera lense/phone screen.
This is the same for holiday makers/tourists, we’re all so caught up on gaining the best photographs, but for what? for who? and why?
A study by the Post Office showed that over 2,000 holiday makers admit to faking their expression on holiday snaps to ‘appear as happy as possible’ in order to upload them onto a social networking site. Isn’t this sad? Instead of enjoying ourselves, we care more what others think and for others to think we’re having the best time when reality the photo’s are lies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure plenty of holiday/touristy snaps are truthful, of course we enjoy our time away however there is a definite and obvious increase in the amount of photographs we feel the need to take.

‘For those born into a world of digital cameras, it’s hard to understand the misery endured by the rest of us who grew up in a world of film. Then, all you ever had were three decent photographs of your holiday in north Wales – and you were wearing a scowl and a pink ra-ra skirt in all of them.
So cut us persistent snappers a bit of slack, and be grateful when my perfect holiday shot comes your way. At least you won’t have been subjected to the 3,048 practice attempts.’

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