London Tourists

Whilst on my recent visit to London I decided to take notice of the amount of tourists I saw. I visited the obvious, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, London Bridge, and the museums. Especially whilst in the museums I was surprised at the amount of visitors, I could barely move and it certainly made it hard to see everything. There’s rarely a person without a camera now and even if people don’t have a digital camera in their hand they’re using their phone as a camera instead. As a photographer I’m more picky and thoughtful when it comes to my photographs, so it was interesting to see people whose idea was not to get the best picture, but more for a memory of what they saw. I definitely found myself concentrating more on how my photograph would look and for the shot not to appear boring. The museum didn’t do much for me photography wise as whilst in the museum I was more interested in looking and reading, rather than photographing something which had either already been photographed or wasn’t going to look great on camera.
Below is a collection of photographs in which I took of tourists using their cameras round Buckingham Palace. I don’t have the biggest interest in the Royals, so I probably took no more than 5 photographs of the Palace, however I was surrounded by keen tourists shooting away, even taking selfies. I noticed that people with slr camera’s were much more aware and particular with their photographs, using zoom and trying different angles, whereas people with phones were much more point and shoot.

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