Final Photo Film #phonar and Evaluation

Here is my final film/project for Phonar.

I struggled to decide how I wanted to present the letters, as for most of them it was difficult to read with my mothers writing being so poor. There were quotes in them which I wanted to be clearer than others, which is why I chose to highlight those. I knew my parents wouldn’t mind, as they hadn’t bothered with these letters for years, and although they are special and will stay with them forever they had tended to forget what they used to say to one another, and I got the impression that they felt a little embarrassed that they were once young lovers and I was stepping into this territory of letters which hadn’t been read in years. In the end I decided on putting most of them to monotone as the colour of some of the paper wasn’t working too well with the style I intended for my final project. Some of the paper was bright yellow, or a pale blue. However now looking back, part of me does wish I stuck with the natural colours of the letter, yet the highlighting would not have looked too grand. Either way my main aim was to express certain parts within the letters. The photofilm finalised as more of a story of their lives together rather than my original idea which was to express their rareness of such a strong loyal relationship for such a long time, so if I were to do this again I would definitely focus more on expressing this rareness, as it is this which begun my interest to photograph and document their relationship.
Another thing I wanted to achieve was to link some of the letters to pictures, but this proved too difficult as there wasn’t any photographs from when my parents were apart, they are all taken whilst enjoying time together. But what I was able to do was to begin to build this narrative from when they first started out at school together, to how they are now.
I could have added much more to the end of my project, but I decided to keep it simple because realistically this has the ability to be a huge project, one which I am definitely going to continue to grow. I barely touched on their home videos, just added a couple of clips into the photofilm, and I definitely want to document more of their lives and how they are together now.
For my final pitch I decided that instead of saying ‘mother and father’ I used their first names, Angela and Garry which I felt expressed a more story-like approach.
It was certainly nice for me to get the chance to read through some of these letters, and as much as my parents probably weren’t too excited for me to cringe over how they once were together, it was emotional for me too. I felt proud that they have come so far and achieved so much in their lives together. They never gave up hope for one another and it’s so lovely for them to be able to share this through everything they’ve kept. I can feel envious of their loving relationship and how lucky they have been to of found each other, yet grateful to be part of such a stable, warm and caring family.

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