Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

After speaking to my parents about their life together there’s once particular song which has held a special place throughout their time with each other.
They had only been dating for a few months and my mothers mum and dad (my nana and grandad) were against my parents being together. They thought they were too young to be seeing each other and disagreed with the relationship completely. Dad explained that at the time he was looking for a gift for my mothers birthday, he was extremely close to purchasing a record called ‘Family Affair’ a number 1 hit single in 1971 recorded by Sly and The Family Stone, because he felt it related well to their situation in which Mum’s parents were trying to stop them being together. However, soon before his purchase the 1971 hit record ‘Let’s stay together’ recorded by Al Green was released. Dad thought this was closer related to their predicament and chose to buy mum this record for her birthday instead, he was so determined that they wouldn’t let my grandparents get in their way of their young relationship hence the name of the song.
I will use this song as background music within my photofilm as it helped them get through some of the hard times together and it’s still their song after 42 years of it being released.

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