Notes from the interview with Fred Ritchin

Digital photography does not equal efficient photography.
Photography reacts well to situations.
There is multiple ways of showing the world using media.
If you wer a photographer, you wouldn’t be a photo editor because they have different mind sets/frames.
‘I am an editor of photographs and a writer of words’ – Fred Richin
We have the power to publish our own images.
Is the photographer the author, editor AND publisher?
Are we as photographers holding back because we now have the power to publish our own images, but the question is when it best to publish them.
How do you then bend your work to represent your way of working?
Writers didn’t worry that when we all gained the ability to hold a pen it made everybody writers, so we as photographers shouldn’t worry that because we can all hold a camera we are all now photographers.
It’s easy to fool around with photographs, however if everyone does this then there will be a scepticism of the truth.
Adobe – ‘Conquered the world with Photoshop.’
Photographs lost most of their credibility.
Who believes photography at this point anyway, it’s more about opinions now.
‘God created man, now man can create the world in his own image.’
In photographs there is a safety because people don’t know how to read photographs.
Photography can be subversive which is what we need.

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