Final – #picbod Exhibition

For my final images for my exhibition I decided on five large portraits of each of the boys. The final images ended up being based my original idea which was to get the boys to stand in front of graffiti art for their back drop and hopefully be able to gain their personalities from the way they naturally stood and acted for the photo. I barely gave them any instructions of how to stand, act or hold their board and somehow I felt it actually worked, all five of them held their boards and posed differently to one another, I’m hoping that these five photographs show how diverse these boys are. I chose to make one other image larger, which was one of all five of them together. This idea came because although they are such different characters and I wanted to show this through my portraits, I also felt lucky that I could capture a moment when all five of them are together to show how act when with each other and how they become this close group of friends, regardless of their differences in appearance and personality. Below are my final large 6 images.






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