Task 3 – Nude and Naked #picbod

Task 3 – Nude and Naked
For this task I was pretty sure to begin with that I was definitely going to photograph my best friend. She’s one person that I’ll see nude almost daily. Living with her for around a year and a half has made us both extra comfortable around each other and also made us realise its difficult for us not to end up seeing each other bare if we’re to spend so much time within each others company. I decided to show details of Al’s body which wouldn’t usually be on show, to portray the closeness we share. She will often walk around her room or the house nude (if she knows nobody else is in) but doesn’t mind me being there. It’s nice that we are able to be how we are with each other because we know we’d never judge each other by how we look and how our bodies fall, it’s something that feels natural, just like what our bodies are.

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