Bill Brandt – Task 3 Research

Bill Brandt has created a series of nude photographs within the studio and on location for over thirty-five years. He didn’t start photographing nudes until after he had begun portrait photography. It took off once he bought a mahogany and brass wide lens camera. This camera was one used by police for crime scenes and one which he described made him see his models as if he were a ‘mouse, fish or a fly’. Brandt creates landscape photographs from using the naked body and a scenic background, I love how he manages to make such classy images, and I think the composition of the images are gorgeous. Using such a wide-angled lens creates this interesting and unique distortions within his images, making the body look weirdly proportioned, not the natural body we are used to viewing. But I don’t think this is a bad thing, I think it’s nice to see such experimental photographs, taken in a way our eyes aren’t used to seeing.





I picked my four favourites of Brandts photographs, the ones which I feel show the most creation and individuality. I really like the first image and how the shadowing manages to make the fingers look like they are part of the stones, also the last image I find stunning, the curves of the woman add to the idea of the waves.
Overall I enjoyed looking through Brandts photographs, and he’s definitely been an inspiration towards my nude and naked task.

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