Ross Rawlings – Task 2 Research

Rawlings photographs his relationship between him and his girlfriend, Charlotte. He documents all parts of the relationship, both the physical side and the emotional. His photographs are very honest, and I feel that the majority of them are strong, intense images which really capture the feelings of both partners.
He works in a documentary style through this visual diary, which is something I am aiming to create through my work.
Although Rawlings is photographing his current relationship, I feel the images come across somewhat sad as there is never an image which shows a happy face. But maybe this adds to the idea that a relationship can be lonely sometimes.  I think some of the images he creates feel like Charlotte has gone from his life, for example the images of her shoes left on the stairs, the dead flowers just looming on the sofa, and the top hanging off the back of a chair. Many of the photographs show passion and love, yet I fail to see the happiness shared between the two of them.
I find it interesting how he is able to create such intimate photographs without a person in site, but through objects. It’s thoroughly inspiring.

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