Core Project Review.

My idea for this project was based around the sense of freedom and how one place can make us feel a relief and relaxation. I decided to choose this idea in relation to myself and my feelings. If I ever get the chance, I will go for a late night stroll to help clear my head and relieve any tension I’ve gained. I chose to photograph at night because I wanted to show the area in a way people don’t recognise it, it would usually be used for walkers or passers by during the daytime, but I wanted a different perspective. The Park isn’t supposed to be open during dark, but I was able to walk in and take my images. I felt the darkness and quietness of the area is somewhat daunting yet calming. Using a model within my work was so I could portray my emotions in a way I could relate through human interaction. The reason for the balloons was to symbolise the idea of letting go of the unwanted feelings, which is why they are always seen behind the model. I chose a to use monotone however I have a couple of coloured images, but it was because I felt the colour was able to show the true sightings, yet the black and white helped add the depth to my photographs. The project is a personal one and my images would be shown in a gallery, I had the idea of just one room to hold my images in, gaining that space and freedom for my images to uphold. The order below would be how they would be in the gallery.

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