Exhibition – No Briton is an Island

I visited No Briton is an Island, which was being shown in Birmingham. It consisted of photographs from Charlotte Hopkins, Claire Atkinso, Daniel Porter, David Meredith, Ian Graffy, Jacopo Maino, Jamila Walker, Jeffifer Ball  and Johnny Watton.


I expected this exhibition to be interesting, because the title seems intriguing and I had high expectations. However, I was unfortunately disappointed, because it felt as though the exhibition seemed to have no flowing topic, or enough information or explanation for the photo’s produced. I wasn’t really inspired at the time by these photographers, so I thought this may have merely been because I wasn’t seeing the full potential in which these photographers could produce or the reasons behind there photographs. So I decided to look further into a couple of the images that caught my eye more so than the others.

The photograph by David Meredith called Weston Super Mare, it stood out to me because of the contrasting colours where the grey sky acts like a plain background which compliment the colourful benches and hut. I love the angle the image has been taken in, and how the reflection of the benches show clearly through the puddle.
“For me the British seaside out of season has a certain bleak beauty to it.” I agreed with this quote from Meredith, and it made me love the photograph even more. Although the weather is dull and dreary, the photo still manages to portray some unexplainable beauty.

The second photograph which I liked was produced by Johnny Watton, it is a simple portrait of a shooter in a field. The way the shooter is stood, not towards the camera however still making eye contact took my attention. It feels like a calming photograph because of the surroundings, but I felt this ironic due to the sport he is participating in. The colours are all very similar, which is another thing I love about this image.
Then after reading a paragraph about his work I found out more about what he produced. The project is called Shooting Party and it consists of portraits which present an insight into quintessential English game shoot. He was trying to show the true Britain by including the countryside views as well as the traditional sport to join it.

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