Heiko Waechter

I found this photographer whilst I was researching for my assignment. Heiko Waechter is an urban photographer based in Australia. The first photograph I came across was one named ‘Coffee and cigarettes”. It’s a gorgeous photograph which inspired me from the moment I saw it. There is a woman sat outside with a coffee next to her and a cigarette in her hand, yet we cannot see her face and I love this mystery Waechter creates within the photograph. The colours are stunning and the setting and layout of the image really compliment each other. I looked through more of his work and found another 4 images which I felt related to my idea of coffee shops. They weren’t all inside the shops, some just with a coffee outside, although I felt they all had a story to tell. He somehow manages to capture deep moments, something which I feel I’ve rarely come across. The photographs feel real and not posed which I like within his work. They seem so simple yet so creative. I love how in the photographs you rarely see the models face, and if you they are never looking at the camera, it definitely adds a mysterious feel to the images. I want to try some photographs like this, in the style, lighting and colour which he uses.


Coffee and Cigarettes

Midnight Craving



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