Film Review 3 – Confessions

Confessions, also known as Kokuhaku is a film a Japanese thriller/drama.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima.

The film is about a junior school teacher, whose child is murdered and she decides to take action. The film begins as the teacher speaks in front of her class whilst they are drinking milk from their cartons and explains to them that her daughter has been murdered, to make the story even more shocking she reveals that the murderers are two of the pupils in that very room. The room fills with tension and this is shown clearly through the childrens reactions as they all wonder who in that very room could commit such a terrible crime. To begin with Yuko (the teacher) thought her daughters death was an accident, through drowning in the swimming pool. But she finds out this is not the case, and that in fact her daughters murder was purposely done. Everything becomes even more shocking when we find out that she had injected her dead husbands blood into the milk which the two children who killed her daughter were drinking. To make matters worse, her husbands blood was HIV positive. This woman is out to kill. She decided to take matters into her own hands because she knew that with the children being so young, they would not get the punishment they deserved if police were to find out, so she wanted to do it herself.
She calls the murderers Student A (Shuya Watanabe) and Student B (Naoki Shimomura).
Throughout the film things about the characters begin to unravel, we begin to see the story of why they did what they did. We eventually find out that Naoki was the one who actually murdered Yuko’s daughter, but Naoki develops psychiatric problems after realising that people are beginning to see the truth, he isolates himself until his mother decides she wants to end both their lives after the shock of her monstrous son, however Naoki ends up killing his mother before she had the chance to kill them both. Shuya had attention seeking problems, because his mother abandoned him and left his father when young, and he has always craved for the attention from her back.
Throughout this film there are may plots and revenges which take place, it is extremely clever in how sneaky some of the characters become. The lighting which is appointed through the film is eerie and effective, the settings are mostly very plain and bare, making the mood even more tense. The music used always help set the scenes, making them feel even more troubling than they already were.
Overall I felt this film had a really well written story line, which kept me on edge throughout. Although the film was quite disturbing, it was thrilling to know what was going to happen next. Another well acted film, which was interesting and full of curiosity!

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