Assignment 2

So with my topic chosen, I was ready to search the web and other resources to help narrow my subject. Eating Disorders is an extremely broad topic with far too much to cover in just a 10 minute presentation, so because of my interest I decided to focus purely on anorexia. But t anorexia is still full of many different facts and information which are again too much to touch on, so I begun researching firstly just purely into anorexia, what it is and the effects etc. Then I luckily came across some websites called pro-ana. Straight away I felt that this would be what my main focus should be. There is still a lot to say about these sites, however I’m hoping I will be able to cover most of the important information. I want to try and make more awareness about these sites, and explain how dangerous they are by showing first hand images of these working websites as much as possible. I would like to interview someone who would be able to give me a medical opinion or factual interview about anorexia to show just how real the illness is. I would like to look at maybe two photographers who either look at eating disorders/anorexia, or have touched on the topic in some way.

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