Assignment 1 – My Research

So I was happy with my chosen topic and excited to see what I could find out through researching more into photographers I already new about but more excitingly finding new ones to explore.

There was one photographer who has inspired me the most and her name is Eleanor Hardwick. She is the same age as me and achieved so much in such a short time, now photographing for clients as big as Jack Wills. She inspired me the most in my category of Teenagers, this is because her models in all her photographs are mostly her friends, which are teenage girls or boys, so I found this very relating.

Above are a collection of four images from Eleanor Hardwick’s website. The first image is from her album “Garden of Secrets”, second image from “Brighton Rock”, third from “Teenage Kicks” and the last from “Girls/Ghosts”.

I emailed Eleanor during my research for my project and was really happy when she replied. The emails are below.


Eleanor Hardwick
Nov 30 (8 days ago)
to me
“Hi Heidi,
Thanks for your kind email.
My main sources of inspiration are looking at different cultures, history and literature, perhaps taking ordinary things out of context, and then applying these references to fashion stories in a subtle way.
I hope that helps… The best advice I can give is just to keep inspired, and let everything else like technical stuff come afterwards.
Best wishes, Eleanor”
Eleanor Hardwick – Photographer
Represented by Serlin Associates
I also sent her a following email as I was interested in why the majority of her photographs portrayed innocent, sweet teenagers and then her album “Teenage Kicks” seemed to change to more rebellious scenes, and again she kindly replied…
Eleanor Hardwick
Dec 5 (3 days ago)
to me
 “Hi Heidi,
Most of my shoots are planned very carefully, using costumes and sets. These pictures are based on stories and concepts I create, so it’s kind of my creative outlet. However, when I’m not doing planned photoshoots, I still carry a disposable camera pretty much everywhere. The Teenage Kicks series are just spur-of-the-moment portraits of my friends… they’re more a documentation of where I’ve been and the people I love, and a way of preserving my memories, as opposed to most of the rest of my work, which is my way of story telling and self expression. I kind of need both ways of photographing, but for different reasons. 
Eleanor xx”

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