A very physically painful day. Me and my boyfriend decided to try something different to skiing. I’ve been skiing since I was 3 and as you can imagine sometimes things you do over and over again, can become kind of boring. I do love skiing, but not so long ago I tried snowboarding lessons on the dry ski slope near my house. I had lessons for roughly 3/4 weeks, just an hour each week and loved it. Knowing I sort of knew the basics to snowboarding, I thought it would be a brilliant idea for me and my boyfriend to spend the day (7 hours) snowboarding. I knew we had 3 days of being on the slopes in Austria, which I would usually spend skiing, but I thought the opportunity was obvious, and if I hated it then skiing it was the day after! So snowboarding for a least one of the days should be a given, and shouldn’t be that hard hey!?

Wrong. I’ve never been in so much pain. My parents went for the safe option and spent the day skiing, which me and my boyfriend felt we needed to try our best to keep up with them and not let them down. I spent most the day on my bottom, sometimes even resulting in tears and walking down the slope! I am actually glad I tried it, but I wouldn’t do it again without having more professional lessons before! I didn’t dare get my camera out as I wasn’t able to stand for long, and I was soaking everywhere from all the snow. But the photograph I took was when we stopped for a break (RELIEF!) and I was able to eat a nice traditional pudding. Germknödel.

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