Assignment 2

For our Assignment 2 my photographers were Larry Burrows, Don McCullin. I was also given Paul Seawright however I felt I could not gather enough research, I emailed Paul Seawright but never received a reply, and also Roger Fenton who I did present to the class however found his work to be the least interesting to me therefore I will just write about the other two.

When I first began to research them I was a little disappointed because they all photographed War, which I’ve never really found myself wanting to learn or hear much about. Part of me was excited because my dad is extremely interested in war, so I felt a little intrigued. My concept of war has totally changed since studying these photographers, especially Larry Burrows and Don McCullin.

I just wanted to do a small blog about Burrows and McCullin as I was totally inspired by their work.

Larry Burrows was best known for his involvement in the Vietnam War, he was so good at what he did that it became signature for it to be ‘his war’. He was working at LIFE magazine from the age of 16 and was waiting for a war that he could take part in and photograph the reality. He was extremely courageous and passionate for what he did, he would get closer than anyone else, right to the edge of the battles so he could get his perfect shots. I loved the idea of him attaching his camera onto the outsides of helicopters or planes so get good photo’s, he seemed so motivated. He was a very independent man who preferred to work alone, he would try and listen in on his colleagues to hear where the hot spots were going to be, the alone he would find the field, settle in and wait for the action. He knew what risks he was taking, he died doing what he did best, and what he loved the most. He was an extremely dedicated and talented man, and has made me feel more confident when taking photographs, and also made me more passionate to become a bit more challenging within my work.

Don McCullin is another major inspirational photographer. He did both war and things relating to poverty, the homeless etc. He doesn’t like being branded as one of the war photographers, but unfortunately that is something he is best known for. He wanted to challenge the tackles of fear, poverty, pain and death, he wanted to show people things they didn’t want to see. He, however, felt guilt at the idea he could walk away after photographing someone in pain, suffering or dying. He didn’t want to do that any more, which is why he now photographs landscapes, he prefers this lifestyle and was something he was wanting to do from the beginning.

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